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Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

One of the main reasons you should consider using an Independent Insurance Agent is their ability to shop your Insurance with multiple carriers to find you the best premium with the best product for your needs.

When purchasing homeowners insurance, it is not a one size fits all product. Depending on the age of your home, location, previous claims made and updates completed to your home. Not every Insurance Carrier will accept your home or provide you with an affordable rate.

The same goes for any Insurance Policy, whether it be Home, Auto, Flood or Commercial Insurance.

An Independent Agent has many Carriers and Markets available to them with the Insurance Carriers directly or through other Broker Services. So, you won't be getting one quote from the Agency they work for, the way you would with a Captive Agent.

Your agent can offer you expert and unbiased advice on which policy will be the best fit for your needs and your budget. Forging a long-term relationship that you can trust and rely on.

Customer service is key. If you have a coverage questions or need assistance with your Insurance Policy, you will have someone you can contact directly, not a call center where you will reach an automated system making it difficult and time consuming.

By choosing an Independent Agent you will have someone with knowledge and many years experience in the industry on your side. They are there for you, not the Insurance Company.

If these are the things you are looking for in an Insurance Agency, please, contact us today at 904-609-1666.

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